[WEBINAR RECORDING] Loyalty and Membership: How to Keep Visitors Coming Back, Strengthen the Membership Program, and Cultivate New Donors

Originally aired: August 27, 2015

Presented by:

  • Dana Hines, President & CEO, Membership Consultants, Inc.
  • Rosie Siemer, Founder and CEO, fiveseed
  • Ren Steyn, Vice President, SKIDATA
  • Chris Wall, Systems Engineer, SKIDATA
  • Tabetha Debo, Membership Marketing Assistant, Membership Consultants, Inc. 
About this webinar: 
Loyalty Programs are the focus for many membership organizations today. Capturing contact information for website users, visitors, and social media fans is an ongoing challenge. Developing a Loyalty Program is a way to achieve that goal of contact capture, while also increasing engagement. Loyalty Programs should complement, not compete with a paid Membership program.

Learn the steps to creating a robust Loyalty Program that becomes a funnel for new members and an engagement tool that drives sales, visitation, and earned revenue success at your membership organization!
Join Membership Consultants as we launch our new loyalty program, Loyalty.Logic!
Viewers will learn:
  • How to leverage loyalty to motivate visitors to action and deepen their connection to your organization
  • Why data capture is crucial to membership growth
  • The difference between a loyalty program and membership
  • Why staying top of mind is critical to engaging visitors, members, and donors
  • How to use loyalty to support mission messaging, encourage repeat visits, and drive revenue
  • How to take on-site visitors online to increase website traffic and social media interactions
  • How loyalty can reward members and incentivize visitors to join

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one live demonstration of Loyalty.Logic, please click here: http://bit.ly/LoyaltyLogicDemo

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